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Margaret Rose Lester, Steve Martinez and Chandus Jackson

Talent Talent

Writers Program 2020-2021

Jennifer Coates

Jennifer was born and raised in Maryland. She attributes her love for telling raw, underdog stories to being a long suffering fan of Maryland and Virginia sports teams, as well as being one of five siblings. After a childhood spent recreating action movies with her brother and sisters, Jennifer decided to pursue filmmaking, and enrolled in NYU Tisch’s Dramatic Writing program. There, she studied screenwriting, while also producing several short films, which have gone on to premiere at festivals such as Sight of Sound. After her time in New York City, Jennifer relocated West to Los Angeles, where she’s worked in TV writers’ rooms and has worked as a development coordinator at Focus Features. Since her move, her writing has been recognized by the Sloan Foundation, Tribeca, and the Bloodlist. As she pursues a path in Los Angeles, she hopes to continue creating thrilling stories of protagonists that defy all expectations.

Angela Delgado

Angela began her career as a writer and actor at the tender age of 5 after being cast as "The Narrator" in her kindergarten nativity play.  It was the only role with memorized lines and Angela delivered her recitation at a decibel rivaling an ambulance siren and sealing her fate as an artist. Growing up "comfortably poor" in Southern Virginia and navigating the cultural confusion of being mixed race in a predominantly non-diverse community, Angela turned to pop culture and Hollywood hoping to find heroes and heroines that looked like her. This search led her out West to Los Angeles with aspirations of becoming an actress. To subsidize this pursuit, she became a celebrity nanny which then transitioned into a celebrity personal assistant and writer's assistant. During that time she had the opportunity to work in film and TV with credits on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Freeform's Lifesize 2. As a storyteller Angela hopes to give a unique and relatable voice to characters that are often underrepresented and placing them front and center in her work. Angela is a graduate of The College of William and Mary with a B.A. degree in English.

Satinder Kaur

U.S. Army veteran, Satinder Kaur, grew up in Bellingham, WA. After high school, when her loving parents forbade her from becoming a filmmaker, and the cost of college tuition seemed insurmountable, she did the only reasonable thing to do - she enlisted in the United States Army. It was a perfect plan until 9/11 happened and Satinder found herself in Baghdad, where she describes the experience as either a Greek tragedy on the worst of days or a dark comedy on the best of days. It was there she learned the value of friendship and what it means to truly have someone’s back - a theme often featured in her films. Satinder loves to write about ordinary women doing extraordinary things and is fascinated by themes of human resilience and transformation against all odds. Her short film Blood and Glory, which centers on the friendship between two female veterans living on the streets of LA, premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and won the Grand Prize in Women in Media CAMERAderie initiative. Satinder is a fellow of the Writers Guild Foundation’s Veterans Writing Project. She received her MFA in film directing from USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Larry V. Santana

Larry V. Santana split his formative years between the Bronx, New York and the Poconos of Pennsylvania. Raised on Goosebumps paperbacks, hip-hop music and horror movies, he developed a taste for pulse-pounding narratives, intricate wordplay and all manners of monsters. This love of story led to a decade-long career in news, where he wrote about actual monsters with human faces. After receiving his Master's Degree in Journalism from U.C. Berkeley, he had stints at MSNBC and Investigation Discovery, interviewing convicted felons and their victims. While learning to develop a knack for humanizing the unthinkable, Larry started to secretly write fictional stories with aspirations for the big screen. It wasn't long before the secret was out, forcing a move to Los Angeles. His work explores moral conundrums, nightmare creatures (human or otherwise), and the intersection between light and shadow with all of it rendered with journalistic, visceral detail. In addition to working in news and true-crime series, Larry’s credits also include, Death of a Fool a low-budget indie in which he wore many hats serving as script supervisor, line producer and occasionally, assistant director. The film premiered at Coral Gables Art Cinema in February of 2020 and is now available on Amazon.