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Composers Composers

Universal Composers Initiative


Michael AbelsThe first-of-its-kind Universal Composers Initiative was created in 2018. The idea stemmed from the absence of media coverage or basic information on diversity in film music composition. Confronting the issue head-on, Global Talent Development & Inclusion (GTDI), in partnership with Film Music, set out to identify up-and-coming and novice talent at various points of their creative journeys for music production opportunities across the Studio and its wide industry network. The Composers Initiative seeks to find artists from both traditional and unconventional backgrounds that possess unique, global perspectives they can translate into distinctive musical expressions.


Originally a one-year initiative launched with DreamWorks Animation, GTDI recognized the benefit of expanding across the NBCUniversal portfolio and extending the duration. Participants will now be exposed to more potential opportunities and have more time to develop key industry relationships.


The two-year initiative welcomes applicants from all creative and professional backgrounds seeking to enhance their current career efforts.  Participants will have unparalleled access to the studio and network process, while the GTDI team increases the awareness of this underrepresented talent among NBCUniversal’s vast network of executives, producers and directors, leading to additional industry connections and mentors.


Composer Initiative participants have hit new strides with experiences that have directly impacted their careers. Selected composers participated in scoring sessions at the historic Abbey Road Studios, in addition to diverse composition opportunities ranging from scoring Focus Features’ The High Note and DreamWorks Animation short films to NBC Sports promos and silent films in the Universal archives. 



Amy DohertyComposition and music production opportunities are not limited to the Silver Screen. There is a need for distinct, diverse voices across various media, and the Composers Initiative seeks to add to that talent pool.


Selected composers will have access to the scoring and production process, mentoring from creative and production executives throughout NBCUniversal, as well as roundtables with experts from across the industry, including composers, music supervisors, representation as well as various guilds and organizations.


The Composers Initiative is designed to be a companion piece to an artist’s career. Participants can continue to build their own momentum and are encouraged to pursue other opportunities Mike Knobloch Quotewhile taking part in the Initiative. If a composer is selected to score an open NBCUniversal assignment, they are asked to prioritize these projects and will be compensated accordingly. Providing composers with this kind of practical industry experience will expand their network of potential collaborators and lead to greater career advancement.